The Last Shower and First Dust of Burning Man

sun rise, black rock desert
After two exciting days in Las Vegas – filled with everything from the breathtaking spectacle of Cirque du Soleil to delicious sushi at the impressive MGM – we couldn’t have felt any more overwhelmed and longing for Burning Man.

A filled stomach and mobile home 

We stop at Reno, where the last shower for a week becomes a reality. Taking a shower, though nothing special of and in itself, here becomes a ritual. Now we are becoming conscious of the fact that water will be scarce; very scarce indeed. We shop at Walmart and fill-up our mobile home with instant foods, lots of soups and try to limit our supply of fresh vegetables and fruits, because these won’t last so long in the desert. Walmart is too big, but on the bright side, loosing each other now is a good practice for the festival. Almost as if it’s our last supper for a long, long time to come, we order food at the Red Lobster (it’s America, we get much more than we can actually eat).

The last signs of life as we know it 

As we get ever closer to the Nevada desert, our excitement begins to increase. We find ourselves passing amazing scenery on the way to Gerlach. This is a remote little village, which burners have been visiting since 1986. It is the last stop for the festival and here we see the last signs of life, at least as we know it. Around five in the morning the desert of Nevada is at last in sight. We are progressing slowly, in procession with others burners. We enjoy the endless rows of lights and later people in, on or around RV’s. We feel a mounting sense of excitement fuelled by the others around us.

Losing your virginity: I’m not a virgin anymore 

A guy, both happy and unfeasibly chirpy welcomes us, set against a backdrop of wigwams and bells on stands. After a hug with the greeter – who volunteers to make you feel at home in this remote place – we roll in the dust and then, on our backs, move our legs and arms to make angel figures. We are connecting with the dust like never be before, as we know it will be everywhere: from your body to RV, suitcase to home. Following tradition, we hit the bell and shout ‘I’m not a virgin anymore!’ After this, the festive welcome of uniquely dressed greeters, we bump onwards at 5 miles an hour towards Black Rock City. Vast, endless clouds of dust erupt from nowhere…

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