Sziget Festival Secrets: Tent Pitching & Liquor Smuggling for Professionals

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You’re in! Your gorgeous smile convinced security to let you through. The security dog wags his tail as you pass by and you are ready to explore the Sziget Festival grounds, but where are you going to sleep? And will you be able to smuggle alcohol?

Get your rest in the city center of Budapest

Sleeping in Budapest city center works out fine if you’re a festivalgoer detached from the pleasures of camping. You’ll stay in an apartment or hostel in the city for a reasonable price. Public transport is set up well and with a Sziget Budapest Citypass you travel thirteen days in the area for a very reasonable outlay. Personally, I like to feel the grass underneath my feet when I wake up, so wouldn’t miss camping for the world.

Study the Sziget festival map and choose your location well

Sleeping on the campsite, means you need to locate your tent or camper with caution. Look into the ground plan to see where music stages are placed as some of them will produce music all day and night. Also notice where portable toilets are placed, although handy when you need to go in the middle of the night, their smell won’t get better as the festival progresses. There are also toilets in a restaurant on the island, so look it up on the festival map, if you have enough of festival toilets!

Sleep in the forest and wake-up to twittering birds

Set up your camper or tent in the forest, so you will have shade all day and can get your rest when needed. Twittering birds are there to wake you up. The trees come in handy when you want to hang out towels or laundry. In your personal green oasis, there is more privacy than open camping fields. Security guards make regular rounds, you will come to recognize and befriend them soon enough, so you’ll be able to fry an egg if you want (as fire equipment is prohibited).

Crossing the Danube River by boat to smuggle

Some festival visitors could be considered professional’s, after years of smuggling practice. They manage to take cooking gear and food to fry eggs or heat up soup. When you don’t have the skills to smuggle stuff through security, like me. Buy it in the citycenter and take it with you when you are heading back by boat, on the Danube River. The only things you need are guts a busty person or a hoody.

Be confident and hide your liquor well

Alcohol isn’t expensive in the bars located on the festival site, drinks brought in from Budapest city center do save money though. When you go back on the festival boat then take your chance. Make sure you walk in normal and hide your boost between your boobs if you’re girl and in the hood of your hoody if you’re a guy. This is a tried and tested method.

And do you have smuggling tips?

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