Nick & Simon go Turkey

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Let me start by applauding Nick & Simon. The singers make the hearts of thousands of Dutch women beat faster, and not only the Dutch are impressed. In Turkey the duo is equally well known.

A mobile phone with Dutch tunes

The waiter we’ve been encountering for the last few nights in a row is hooked. Mehmet hands his mobile phone to Susan and she freely browses pictures of his family, dancing group, feast of sacrifice and brothers’ wedding. Susan returns the phone and, after watching footage of a Turkish dance, he plays a familiar tune on his phone.

It doesn’t take long before we recognize Nick & Simon. This music makes us smile. Even if the singers aren’t on your list of favourites, the corners of your mouth can only rise. I wonder to myself, is this a well-tested seduction technique?

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Folk songs have special powers

Folk songs have a special kind of power, especially abroad. They connect people; cultural clashes are overcome at the moment when they are played. By sharing the tunes, it becomes possible to express a special form of respect.

It can satisfy someone’s is curiosity about your origins or reveal shared common interests. The subconscious finds comfort through listening to this music, because the tunes are inextricably linked with home and your mother tongue.

Music travels with the speed of light

Both Dutch and Turks like to travel around the globe. Many Turkish people who live and work in touristic places have been to The Netherlands, for visiting family or building a life of their own. Dutch songs are able to bring back memories of their time in The Netherlands.

Music touches your heart and brings your mind instantly to a certain time and place, with feelings and memories attached. You can visit this place without traveling or spending a dime. Just close your eyes and go around the world by listening to your stash of special songs, enjoy!

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