Jailbabes at Lila Thai Massage, Chiang Mai

thai massage, chiang mai

One of the things you must do when you’re in Thailand is getting a massage. I tested a place I found in the Lonely Planet and it deserves a recommendation (and a visit).

Meaningful story

Once you’re in Chiang Mai, Lila Thai Massage is the place to go. It’s a place that you’ll find easily, because of the sheer number of flip-flops collected in front of the door. Not only do the flip-flops tell you something about the popularity; they tell another more meaningful story too. The director of Thailand’s women prison initiated this massage center, as a fair way back into society after time spent in jail. Therefore, this is a place that you must visit; especially if you believe everyone deserves a second chance.

Oversized costume

Once you’re inside, you’re presented with a list of options to choose from and once you have picked what you want you’re taken upstairs to change clothes. The costume feels a bit strange and I needed some help closing the oversized pants, but it’s far better than walking around butt naked! We aren’t wearing the in-house slippers, as we couldn’t stand their oily smell …. I might write to Lila about that 😉 Your belongings are safely placed away in a locker.

Giggling Thai women

You follow the masseuse into a room with soft music. The ladies talk their own language and giggle. They ask a few times to make sure you’re enjoying the experience. It’s a funny feeling when a petite Thai woman sits on top of you. They are strong and stretch you in different positions. I’m unsure if every employee of Lila Thai Massage has seen jail from the inside. You might even wonder what your masseuse was in for. Do you think that changes your experience? Good to know though is the fact that they’ve all been professionally trained.

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