I Left a Purring Cat On Holiday, but You Don’t Have To

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It’s dark in our apartment. My partner breathes quietly asleep next to me, dreaming of diving the deep sea. I turn, restless, unable to sleep. I hear noises coming from the living room. Wondering who, or what dares to enter, I get-up and softly tip toe to the other room. Hoping to startle the unknown intruder I flip the light switch.

Love at first sight

Two twinkling eyes stare straight back at me, completely innocent of causing any harm. A gorgeous white cat walks up to me and curls his tail around my leg as if to say ‘I love you’. I bend down to lift my new friend and perhaps persuade him to go play outside a while.

Street pal without a home

The furry creature decides he isn’t going to leave that easily though and starts seducing me with a gentle purr. After meowing to one another for a week (yes I talk to cats), I’m convinced this street pal deserves a home, a warm home and a happy home.

Flying overseas with a cat: a mathematical equation

When we’re packing our bags to leave, I look with my biggest, blue eyes into my partners and ask in my sweetest voice ‘can we please take him home?’. Knowing that we have no clue how to arrange it and there’s no one on the spot to give advice or tips, I leave the subject and cuddle the cat for the last time. Now I know how you can avoid a good bye.

How to take your cat by plane:

  • Are you going on an international flight? Make sure your cat is chipped. If you’re traveling within Europe, get a pet passport.
  • Make sure the cat gets all its shots, think of rabies, in time. There might be a procedure to see if the vaccine worked as well, so start planning early.
  • If you pass security with your cat, be prepared to take it out of its basket. The more used your cat is in its’ carrier the better. Make sure the carrier meets the guidelines of the airline. Especially size is important and remember the carrier will mostly count as hand luggage.
  • Not all airlines let cats sit in the cabin. If they do it will sit underneath the chair in front of you. Cats are also placed in the he hold, which is heated, but out of your sight and care.
  • Cats don’t like to travel in carriers, because it means a visit to the vet mostly. So make your cat feel as much as possible feel at ease in its carrier and put a worn piece of clothing in. Know that because of anxiety cats might do their needs in the basket. Preparations are needed: stick a diaper or insert on the bottom.
  • Cats don’t always eat or drink during a flight, but make sure to take some. Especially water is needed. The cat might like its own candy as well.
  • Sadly cats can’t ride a plane for free and if there are seats or places they are limited. So reserve a spot in time. Also make sure you are in time at the airport.
  • Each country applies different rules for quarantine. So know you can’t always bring you cat home immediately after the flight.

Preparation and timing are key for taking your cat on an airplane. Luckily all rules and policies for air travel with your cat are collected, based on destination. Also look into the airline of your choice for the exact details and conditions.

Did you ever travel by plane with a cat? Do you have tips or suggestions?

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