Discover if Fuerteventura or Lanzarote makes your heart beat faster: The verdict!

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Two neighbouring Canary Islands. Both were charming and gave me a holiday to remember. Comparing them isn’t easy. Where will you go?

Mountain goat or BBQ king?

In Lanzarote you must experience the real, up close and personal, power of a volcano. Today it still has one active volcano, located in the Island’s National Park, Timanfaya. A demonstrator standing to one side throws water into a deep volcanic hole. Keep a safe distance and witness an impressive geyser of water and steam. The heat source is located 13 metres deep and very powerful to this day, the restaurant in the park uses it as a natural barbecue. Do you love volcanoes? Then don’t dismiss Fuerteventura, here you can climb a dead volcano at your own pace, without other tourists in your way. Enjoy a breath-taking sight at the summit, made all the more rewarding because you had to work hard to reach the top!

fuerteventura, lanzarote

Solitary expedition or strength in numbers?

Both Islands are touristic, one much more than the other. In Lanzarote you can easily book excursions, for example to see Cesar Manrique’s work, such as the Jameos del Agua cave or the lovely small artistic village Teguise. You can explore the island on the back of a dromedary, during one of the ‘camel’ tours. I found, during my stay in Lanzarote, renting a car was unnecessary and hotel pick- and drop-offs were common curtesy. In Fuerteventura we did however rent a car and really felt we needed it to explore the island fully. It’s a great way to discover the most southern part of the island: Punta de Jandia. Just drive towards Morro Jable – that is, if you have a fearless driver who dares to tour on small roads and great heights – the prize is a rugged yet beautiful view of the island.

Art teacher or sports instructor?

In Lanzarote you are surrounded by a fairly traditional building style. Houses are low and mostly white, blue and brown. These natural colours were determined by Cesar Manrique, an influential architect who strived to create unity. The people living on the island still follow these rules set many years ago. Fuerteventura has big hotels and high buildings in its touristic centre, however building isn’t overpowering thankfully much open space remains. You’ll find walk and bike lanes all around for people in need of hill training. Beach lovers go to Fuerteventura, it is pristine and has a focus on sports. You’ll find places to surf, kayak, dive or bike. Please note that diving in Fuerteventura might not be the best for beginners, I only saw rocks when I went under. On Fuerteventura beaches you’ll run onto the sand, quite literally, because its’ so hot! Although, if you can stand the hot sand you can walk bare footed, as there are no sharp rocks around.

Comparison of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

Lanzarote Fuerteventura
Swimming & Surfing +
Diving +
Rental car +
Tourbus +
Beach +
Art & Architecture +

Comparison helpful or not? Please let me know!

Is your holiday a time when you want to do many different cultural activities? If so, then plan a holiday to Lanzarote. Do you want to sport and have an active holiday? Than book your ticket for Fuerteventura. Whatever you choose: Enjoy it to the max!

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