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3 Reasons Why You Will Love Burning Man

burning statueBurning Man changes you, but often in subtle ways. This festival is unlikely to supply answers to all your life questions. Whilst every festival, and certain life moments can and do change you, Burning Man is special, as it does possess an uncanny knack of giving you just what you need.

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First Impressions of Black Rock City

burning man, statue
We start searching for the correct time – Black Rock City is laid out like a clock – and park our RV. We are immediately struck by an awe-inspiring landscape. It is both heart stopping and humbling; a sight that completely takes your breath away.

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The Last Shower and First Dust of Burning Man

sun rise, black rock desert
After two exciting days in Las Vegas – filled with everything from the breathtaking spectacle of Cirque du Soleil to delicious sushi at the impressive MGM – we couldn’t have felt any more overwhelmed and longing for Burning Man.

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Burning Man: A Gift Economy at Work

art car, burning man

The Burning Man festival operates on a gift economy, this means you share what you own and help one another out. When you meet new people whom you especially like, you give them a treat or share your food and drinks with them.

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Burning Man Preparation & Budget Tips

golden light, nevada desert

I’m guessing, as you are here that you are either dreaming of visiting Burning Man or actually planning your trip. If so, you came to the right place. As a Dutch burner with her first trip safely in the bag I would like to share a few budget and preparation tips, so you make the most of your first Burning Man adventure.

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Bathe like a King or Queen in Budapest: visit Szechenyi Bath

szechenyi, thermal bath
Ancient Romans spent much of their leisure time bathing and conquering other countries, but only when the Turks conquered did wellness and spas get popular in the heart of Hungary. The capital houses 15 public thermal baths, one place definitely demands a visit: Szechenye Bath.

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