Burning Man Confessions to Make You Smile

burning man, nightSo long as you dare to live in the now and step out of your comfort zone, Burning Man will allow you to do things you wouldn’t do at home, and you should be as proud of them as I am, that’s why you find here an uncensored version of events…

My half-naked run for a shower

I am an experienced runner, but even if you’re not, you’d better run for water if you can. When you’re equipped with an RV and water cans, you know water is near. But you also know it will vanish quickly in the desert heat. So the moment you see an approaching water car – which is used for ‘dust control’ – sprint towards it.

One morning I spot the water car, fling off my bra and run like my life depends on it. The car won’t stop, so you have to be fast. This experience will make you feel free and clean. It’s definitely best done without clothing though, especially if you want to feel completely refreshed and make the most of the opportunity. Bear in mind, you can’t drink this water! Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of the event though, in my defense, I did have to run very fast.

Bye, bye dress, hello body paint

As the festival progresses I begin to feel rather underdressed. So I decide it’s time to step out of my comfort zone. Without telling anyone, one of my friends and I visit a talented body painter. I untie the straps of my halter dress and sit down, slightly nervous, but cool. The wind blows against my naked body while his brush tickles my upper-body.

I’m happy with my new green top of paint, so we head off into the desert to shoot some pictures. An American stops and asks if he can take a picture. I am unsure, I didn’t really intend to share this look with the whole world, but than he shows a disposable camera and I agree. He takes a picture and heads off. I take the encounter as a compliment and walk away with a smile.

Are there any confessions you want to share about your holiday? Feel free!

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