Best Kept Secret of Fuerteventura: Volcanoes

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Volcanic Islands are bare, but nonetheless lovable. Their rounded shapes and golden tones don’t always express the true nature, activity or power of volcanoes. On Fuerteventura no safety measures are needed though. Extinct volcanoes await your footprints. At least if you want to discover the best view of the island.

No access to Mirador Morro Velosa

On our way to Mirador Morro Velosa, an observatory – with a beautiful panoramic view of the Island from an altitude of 650 meters – we bump into a locked barrier. The road to the observatory is closed and we have to wait till it’s 10 o’clock. There isn’t much traffic, so we turn our car and visit the Massif of Betancuria first.

Betancuria Massif challenge

I change my flipflops for a pair of running shoes. My partner takes a jacket and excitedly runs on the steep volcanic slopes. I secretly follow him in a fast pace, but soon realize that the thin air is beating us and we are slowly loosing this battle. We take a break from hiking to get used to the thin air and start admiring the view.

Most amazing view of the Island

The volcano is steep sided and rocks are rolling as we hike upwards. When we get to the top, our urge to climb this volcano finds it’s reward: not only did we get our exercise, we have the most amazing view of the island! It is a bit chilly, but the view is definitely worth it. On top we’ll find a cross, which indicates this volcano has been used for pilgrimage.

Getting down with rolling rocks

Heading down is difficult. I’m loosing my grip and so proceed downwards with care, step by step, rock by rock. Hiking boots are no luxery here; a good grippy sole is a must for this exercise. When we are down I take pictures of two impressive bare buttocked statues. Not knowing this are Ayoze and Guize, two former kings of the Island. Instead of photographing their behinds, I should have made a bow (excuse me!).

Chilling at Mirador Morro Velosa

We are in need of refreshments and drive off to the observatory. Parking and entrance are free. Inside you can see a plaque with all volcanoes located on Fuerteventura, learn about birds and other animals living in the area and get to grips with the islands history by studying old maps, which are gorgeous with their drawings and symbols.

After this exhibition, we order a coke and sit outside to enjoy another amazing view of the Island.

Do you like volcanoes? Have you ever climbed (an active) one?

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