Bathe like a King or Queen in Budapest: visit Szechenyi Bath

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Ancient Romans spent much of their leisure time bathing and conquering other countries, but only when the Turks conquered did wellness and spas get popular in the heart of Hungary. The capital houses 15 public thermal baths, one place definitely demands a visit: Szechenye Bath.

Facilities of Széchenyi Thermal Spa

Széchenyi is not only one of the biggest thermal baths in Europe, the spa is also one of the oldest and opened its doors in 1913. The consequence: the moment you enter the Neo-Baroque building you will feel like a king or queen. This bath is a perfect start or closure for your holiday, not least because of its’ impressive décor and versatility. The swimming pool is open, both winter and summer, everyday of the year. Stimulate your health with 18 different baths, filled by thermal springs, and you can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi and whirlpool. A tip for the committed wellness freak: pre-book treatments like massages or pedicures. Above all spoil yourself!

Tourist attraction worthy of your time

Szechenyi Thermal Bath is a tourist attraction, but one most definitely worthy of your time. It’s setup clean, open and helpful. The ticket price is reasonable and if you buy tickets in advance, you will certainly save some of your hard earned holiday cash although, being a king or queen, that will not matter so much. You will feel rich anyway as the Hungarian Forint will make you a (greater) millionaire the first time you use a cash machine. Always keep your cash in a secure place.

Everything for rent in this Budapest bath

When you visit the baths, make the most of the luxury on offer by hiring a sunbed and ask if your attendant (or some else) will get you a beer, wine or fruit cocktail. You will receive your drink in a plastic glass, but it is a public bath so safety comes first! The bar is simple, but of course that’s good if you want to be active and swim. You can if you wish even take you own, as long as these aren’t contained in glass. Bath towels, even swimwear is to rent, at very reasonable rates.

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6 tips for your visit to Szechenyi bath and swimming pool;

  • Go early if you don’t want to wait in line. Locals and tourists swim in this spa bath, so it can be crowed in the holiday season.
  • Things to do when you’re waiting in line; Look up to the ceiling, not only will you watch tick faster, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous sight.
  • Children play, but men do it to, as they play chess on a board located in the water. Dare to play against the locals and learn about the culture.
  • To bathe is to relax, but this Neo-baroque building deserves a picture, so take 2 minutes to shoot some before you immerse yourself in spring water.
  • Kings and queens should always sit in the shade, but you might not be able to here. Take your waterproof sunblock as you probably will stay in this beautiful bath for too long time.
  • If your carriage isn’t waiting, Széchenyi bath is located close to Heroes Square. You can get there easily by public transport. Take the yellow metro line number 1 or trolleybus 72.

Would you like to go to Szechenyi bath or would you recommend it?

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