Addicted to a Bird’s Eye View of the World

We drive on a short bumpy road. The speed of the plane forces us down and back into our seats. Its nose lifts up towards the sky. Our noses follow and we are freed from the ground. We take a deep breath, happy for the smooth climb, ready and excited to watch the world go by from our window. The morning sun winks at us.

Flying: A Treat of Luxury

Most probably we’ll never be able to fly like bird, to enjoy the freedom they have to follow their internal compass. Just imagine… discovering places in the world without any planning, security measures or tickets.

Documentaries like Winged Planet are an inspiration and show the true beauty of the earth from above. Flying with all the comforts and conveniences of a plane we are so spoilt. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing it actually is.

A new perspective on the world

The question of ‘Who’s taking the window seat?’ pops up every flight. We never tire of experiencing the world from a different perspective, over and over again. The one sitting next to the window is in a privileged position and should be obliged to make the most of this seat.

Today I’m in a light aircraft, suitable for 4 persons only. So I have the luxury of seeing through all the windows. I try to make a panorama of this amazing view, but can’t get it done. Not due to turbulence, but because I don’t have a steady enough hand. The automatic pilot is one, so we must be going in a straight line.

Recognizing places from the sky

It’s hard to make out places beneath us, so like a proper tourist I’m taking lots of pictures, to sort out later. At least that’s what I intend to do. We’re flying beneath the clouds the entire journey, which means I can see much more than on a regular flight. Like birds, waterways guide us through the landscape.

I recognize Arnhem by following the Rijn and find John Frosts’ Bridge, famous for Operation Market Garden. This makes me happy and gives me a feeling of place and belonging. Even though we’re 5000 feet up in the air, this is a place I know by heart. Where I can’t get lost (although I try).

Which place is etched in your heart?

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