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I’m happy you found TrespassingAllowed.com. After years of keeping my own travel dairies, I’m more than ready to share my experiences with you. The published stories are 100% authentic. Written from my heart to touch – or tickle – yours.

Go for it or stay at home (with your mum)laura woltjer
TrespassingAllowed.com is not about breaking official rules or entering someone’s house without permission. The blog looks into our quest to explore this world to the max. Think about stepping out of your comfort zone – by leaving your nine to five – to go abroad or travel with strangers. Meeting locals around the world with an open mind and heart to share a story, cup of tea or sandwich. Chocolate will do fine as well!

Amazing destinations close and far
In the nearby future, you will find here footage of Burning Man, Antarctica and other amazing destinations. My special interests are photography, video editing and music. I’ll keep you posted through this blog and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Hope to see you there or in real life!

Enjoy travelling with me! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.



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