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After a short daytime nap in the overheated RV it’s time to explore more of the endless dessert with all its hidden treasures. We jump on our bikes and once again set sail towards The Playa.

The Lost Penguin

Our first stop: The Lost Penguin. Here we receive crushed ice flavoured with lemonade. Yum. This ice cold treat really tickles our senses while we breath in the dessert air: a blistering 38 °C. A lady in an orange jumpsuit with a big blonde wig presents a cabaret program. We join in and sing the song Send in the Clowns. We don’t get any points for singing as we are out of tune, but for courage alone we definitely get a high score. One of my friends shows he can juggle, wow! Don’t you love it when you discover someones hidden talent?

Barbie Death Camp

Afterwards we pass Barbie Death Camp on our bikes, we need to inspect this work of art close-up. The collection of barbies has been tortured. The barbies are located in front of two ovens with snipers behind. A poster is a silent whiteness of the meaning of this work of art: ‘Arbeit macht plastique frei’. I’ve never been fond of barbies, and I’m sure this work art demands no explanation.

Ultimate Seduction

We are lured into a pavillion, enticed by some good dance music. Inside it is hazy from the of sprinklers responsible for the very much needed climate control. This is a place where attraction plays it part. Half-naked people dance around, it appears a good chatup line is unneccessary here. I laugh about it and carry on dancing, it doesn’t really matter here anyway.

Instant JAWS

If you’re discovering Black Rock City, surprises lurk around every corner. As we look to the sky, we see a kite in the form of a shark. A jungle art car is on it’s way past and puts on the theme from JAWS. How funny! We pass a wharf and jump in a boat. I decide to go for a swim. I think I’m in love with the dust already, all the better then for a good taste on entry.

Playa Darkness

After chilling out at our RV, it’s time to explore: The Playa in the dark. This is a magical sight; everywhere people, artcars and statues with gorgeous shapes and lights in all the colours of the rainbow. We find a giant mushroom, which we can actually enter and dance in. Afterwards we hop on an artcar, which brings us back towards our campsite.

What’s Next?

Hope you enjoyed reading a summary of my visit to the Burning Man festival. We agreed at the start; what happens in Burning Man stays at Burning Man. Alright, you are a curious soul and that should be rewarded. I’ll share my Burning Man loves, confessions and tips, based on the lessons I’ve learned with you in the next blogs. These events and experiences inspire and guide me every day.

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