7 Ways to Fall in Love with Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is our first and last port of call before and after the Burning Man festival. Although both deserts are crossed daily by thousands of people – visitors or locals – they couldn’t be more different in nature. One is about gold, girls and guns: the Wild-Wild West where possessions are key. The other, about a gift economy with sharing and caring as its central theme. If you want to fall in love with Las Vegas, use the following tips:

1. Be a pimp and drive limousine

Find yourself a limousine the moment you land in Las Vegas and ride in style the American way. Negotiate the cab price beforehand, but you’ll see these are not so expensive. When you jump in your luxurious car, feel the excitement of lounging in vast leather chairs with good music. Negotiate your style like the price!

2. Shoot pictures of tourist attractions

When you explore Las Vegas, you will inevitably be lured into touristic attractions, so this one is simple: just be a tourist and make pictures for your family or friends. The lightshow of the Fremont street downtown Las Vegas, the rollercoaster of New York New York, the water ballet at the Bellagio or the lions – you can’t cuddle – at the MGM. We’ve all seen these attractions on television, so check these out, but Las Vegas has much, much more in store for you.

3. Grab your wallet for top-notch entertainment

There are some amazing things to do and see at The Strip, so choose performances of your favorite bands or musicals. Les Miserables lifted our spirits, not least, because of the unimaginable setting of the theater, complete with an enormous chandelier. The singers were brilliant. Another recommendation is Cirque du Soleil. Enjoy acrobatics of the world famous attraction and, insider tip: Try to buy your tickets for these shows last minute. They are cheaper.

4. Live your Las Vegas life at night

Las Vegas feels a bit like a big oven, which you can’t escape. The desert wind blows like a hairdryer, but wet hair won’t dry here. In the evening the city will cool down slightly, the sun is replaced by thousands of bright, colorful lights. If you need to cool down quickly, head into a casino for the best aircon.

5. Enjoy the fake, bad and ugly

Can you ever know what’s real in Las Vegas? I’ve been knocking and tapping on all sorts of objects to determine the material. Theatre rooms on the top of buildings were no more than a box with a plastic cover. A lot of Las Vegas exists purely out of concrete with paint on it. The Eiffel Tower is real though and made of steel. If you spot any other real (or raw materials), please let me know!

6. Take the city with a smile

To cross this city you’ll need to walk for miles, so put on your dancing shoes and your nicest suit or dress and let the excitement of this place pull you in. Just to celebrate that you are here and enjoy this place of glitter and glamour by fitting in and not standing out like the other tourists. Walking down The Strip – with or without a group of men – you will get cards for girls, girls and more girls. Don’t be agitated about it this is after all, bachelor party central.

7. Let Las Vegas’ lovebirds fly

The city wasn’t built for love, but for commercial gain and this is what it brings, but there is more than capitalism here. Lovebirds are all around. Not only because they can get married as Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. They want to experience the extravagance, the Las Vegas lifestyle and do something out of their comfort zone. Share the love.

How do you feel about Las Vegas?

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