Nick & Simon go Turkey

boat, turkey
Let me start by applauding Nick & Simon. The singers make the hearts of thousands of Dutch women beat faster, and not only the Dutch are impressed. In Turkey the duo is equally well known.

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Free Birthday Gifts on Holiday

Looking for suitable birthday presents is one of the things I love doing most. It gives one a reason to make or do something special. This however, becomes a little more complicated when you are on holiday.

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Vaccines for Better or Worse


No one likes being vaccinated. The injection hurts and there is a lot of sometimes conflicting information out there making the subject very complicated. Do you know how vaccines work? And how do you handle the fear of being vaccinated?

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Addicted to a Bird’s Eye View of the World

We drive on a short bumpy road. The speed of the plane forces us down and back into our seats. Its nose lifts up towards the sky. Our noses follow and we are freed from the ground. We take a deep breath, happy for the smooth climb, ready and excited to watch the world go by from our window. The morning sun winks at us.

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